Kids and Constipation

Finding Relief for Constipation for Kids

 Do You Have A Child or Grandchild Who

  1. Suffers with frequent stomach aches?
  2. Complains often of abdominal pain?
  3. Spends a great deal of time sitting on the toilet?
  4. Is scared to go to the bathroom because it hurts?
  5. Embarrassed at school by constipation?

“Constipation is the number one cause of belly pain in children, and a common complaint in the emergency room,” according to pediatric emergency physician Rita Westbrook.

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What is the source of constipation in children?

According to Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and Hepatology, “Constipation in children is an often long-lasting pediatric functional gastrointestinal disorder with a worldwide prevalence varying between 1-30%. 5 percent of children with constipation is caused by underlying disease and 95 percent of children with constipation is caused by poor diet, inactivity, dehydration, or from “holding it.” The United States estimated health-care costs of US $3.9 billion per year in the USA alone.”

Childhood constipation has many factors and is not completely understood.

Mothers know that just one or two painful and frightening toilet experiences caused by hard or dry fecal matter that is slow and difficult to pass may instill a fear of the bathroom and withholding poops for very young children and toddlers.

That fear, which may have a lasting impact, can cause a child, whether in toilet training or school age, to stubbornly avoid pooping. Some children can “hold” this for several days, causing a toxic backup, painful stomach aches, and a laundry list of other symptoms.

While withholding poop at a young age is a common cause of constipation found in children, constipation can also be caused by not enough fiber in the diet, dehydration, and certain medications and diseases.

A thorough medical history and physical examination, including a rectal examination in combination with a bowel diary, is sufficient in the majority of cases to diagnose constipation. Your doctor will probably recommend dietary changes and increased water. Sometimes there may be a prescription or protocol with a stool softener, laxative or enema.

Sometimes this work. Sometimes it doesn’t.  None of it is very fun or easy.

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Sometimes normally functioning children will develop stomach aches as they reach school age. This is often because they hold their waste all day, especially at school to avoid embarrassment in front of the teacher or other students. School, with all its social and environment challenges, can be a nightmare when a child needs to go to the bathroom.

But what if there was an easier way?

Spoiler alert. There is.

Vital Avenue was formulated by a doctor over 30 years ago to detox cleanse the colon of impurities — especially the impurities caused by constipation. It is safe and easy for children of all ages. Pediatricians even recommend Vital Avenue for newborns with severe constipation!

School and Constipation

Using the bathroom at school can be a nightmare. If it’s not quick, it can be frustrating and embarrassing.

“School is definitely a factor,” says Dr. Rita Westbrook, a pediatric emergency physician. “The bathroom may be dirty, or other kids are in the bathrooms, and they might make fun of them about the noise, the smell. So kids hold it. Once the urge passes, they can go days without going to the bathroom. Everything will continue to back up.”

Reserved children may be even more reluctant to ask for permission.

“We see three or four children on every shift with constipation,” said Dr. Westbrook. “Most parents don’t know what’s going on. All they know is their child is in terrible abdominal pain. The kids will double over and roll in the floor it hurts so bad.”

“Normal bowel movements occur every day,” said Dr. Corey T. Strobel, a pediatric gastroenterologist.

“Kids will soil their underwear because they have a huge stool blockage in their rectum, and some watery leakage around it. That’s not diarrhea, that’s encopresis,” explained Strobel. “They’ve got such an enlarged rectum, it doesn’t work anymore.”

For any age, treating constipation means making the poops so soft the child can’t possibly hold it.

And that’s where Vital Avenue comes in. Just a small amount of Vital Avenue Detox Tea soothes and refreshes the entire digestive tract. Bathroom tripes are easy as your waste quickly loosens and passes without difficulty.

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