Product History

Created by Dr. Bill Miller (B.S., MSc, PhD) of Jackson, Tennessee in the early 1980’s, it was originally formulated for baseball players and wrestlers to improve their strength and for their weight management. As word of its healing properties spread, individuals of all ages and from all walks of life purchased it directly from Dr. Miller as an affordable, all-natural remedy for stomach, digestive distress and regularity. He has countless testimonials for health improvements for many health disorders.

Vital Avenue Can Help

How It Works

Vital Avenue assists your body in gently eliminating waste, foreign matter and toxins. These toxins are acquired from modern, everyday living through pollution, chemical additives to food and medicine, plastics in food packaging, detergents, cosmetics etc. As these toxins and foreign matter collect along the colon walls, the beneficial properties of the nutrients from food are blocked and unable to be absorbed efficiently and effectively leaving
our bodies without the nutrients it needs to build and defend health. The lined and blocked colon walls do not allow efficient and regular removal of fecal matter, meaning the discomfort of constipation and irregularity. The fecal matter, unable to pass, can create illness, toxic side effects, infections and poorly balanced gut health. Vital Avenue helps the body to easily and quickly pass impacted waste. A clean colon means clean blood flowing to all organs
and systems which, in turn, means that the body can heal itself from a foundation of health and wellness. The nutrients from food and supplements can be readily absorbed for greater health. It also helps with quickly removing the toxins and side effects from prescription meds and anesthesia. It is safe for all ages, from infants with colic and constipation to senior citizens who find relief for irregularity and chronic pain.

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