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Goodbye Parasites and Indigestion

After using this for three days, I was shocked when I looked in the toilet and saw a ball of round worms.  I’m no longer plagued with constipation, indigestion or parasites.

No More Constipation

Life long constipation challenges became even worse after part of my colon was surgically removed. To everyone’s absolute shock, this product normalized my entire digestive system! My doctor was incredibly impressed and surprised!

Pauline A.

Clean Colon Miracle

This has naturally and faithfully kept me flushed of bad toxins and moving comfortably for years now.  This is a true miracle for me! This formula is extraordinary and I share it whenever I can.

Jill A.

Better Than Prescriptions for Colitis:

I bought this for my husband who has colitis. We’ve tried everything with prescriptions, a lot of doctor visits, diets and everything in between. This beats all those expensive prescriptions the doctors have been prescribing him. It has made a huge difference! He no longer has the dying stomach pains after eating.  He sleeps better too.  This is the only thing that I have run across that has helped, and it is truly a miracle. It really works.

Marisa A.

Thank You! Allergies and Hay Fever Relief!

I was given this product five years ago while visiting Northern Virginia where the dense foliage immediately caused burning, itchy eyes and congestion from hay fever.  It was all gone in hours after starting the tea and did not return, making our trip so much more enjoyable. I’ve been using it ever since!


Health risks are common. From parasites to the weather to food preparation, business travels, extended time overseas, even your day-today life may require adjustments. Here’s a few things you may come across.

  • Parasites: Acquired by eating or drinking contaminated food, water, and / or insect bites. Very common in Latin America, Africa, and Asian countries.
  • Water Contamination: Drinking water from untreated or unknown water sources is a serious concern. Water contaminations may include chemicals, animal contamination, sewage, and other harmful toxins.
  • Unknown Food/Food Preparation: Traveling can make preparing your own food difficult. This can leave you at the mercy of street vendors, restaurants, and other unknown markets.
  • Environment/Weather: Temperature, humidity and exposure can lead to allergies and other seasonal negative health responses.
  • Sanitation: Different cultural standards for bathing, laundry, hand washing, and pest infestation may all have a direct impact on your health.
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